We work with business owners and intermediaries to evaluate opportunities in an expeditious manner. We are very flexible in structuring transactions to accommodate a range of unique and often challenging requirements.

Our Approach
  • Our industry focused approach has made our team adept at identifying attractive opportunities and unlocking the full potential of companies. Our team is committed throughout the entire investment life cycle, ensuring that value creating actions are consistently pursued including leveraging our deep industry relationships.
  • Possessing operating experience is a unique attribute that differentiates us from the majority of private equity professionals. We feel it's a competitive advantage that allows us to work closely with our management team partners, and to take a more hands-on role with our portfolio companies when necessary.
  • We exit investments after achieving shared goals for growth and value creation. Our investment approach embraces a disciplined growth strategy built around operational excellence, addressing organizational needs and providing customers with a broader range of complementary products and services.
  • Our interests are mutually aligned. Regent Advisors Investments only wins when our management team partners and investors win.
Our Approach

Owners of middle market companies often spend the majority of their time focused on getting the next order and dealing with the urgent requirements of satisfying customer demands.

As a result, we've found that middle market companies typically face a number of challenges that the Regent Advisors Toolkit was designed to address. Regent Advisors Investments is dedicated to helping middle market companies grow and to achieving their full potential. The Regent Advisors Toolkit was developed to put into place the necessary infrastructure to support the challenges that come with growth. These resources are often unavailable to smaller companies.

Our Approach

You have created a wonderful company. You care passionately about your employees, your company's relationships and the future of your business.

You want to find a partner that will provide you with liquidity but you really want something more - you want someone that understands your business and displays the same passion and enthusiasm for your business as you do.

Our Approach
You want a partner that's going to be helpful and supportive but also has deep industry relationships and resources that can help your company grow.

We respect what you have created and we will do everything possible to preserve what makes your company special and unique. It's easy to be a great partner when things are going well but you need a partner who has your back regardless of the circumstances. We strive to be a great partner in good times as well as in challenging market conditions.

You'll realize early on that the number one question we ask is "how can we be helpful?" We're not afraid to ask that question because we're willing and able to roll-up our sleeves to help you get the job done.